Rate Flex is the place where Insurance Brokerages go to obtain multiple premium finance quotes for their insured’s. You can easily submit the premium details through Rate Flex's cloud based application. Soon after submitting, you will receive detailed premium finance options in a concise and user friendly format to present to your insured’s.
  • Easily provide payment options to insured's to assist in closing insurance sales
    By using premium financing, you can open up previously unavailable options - What was before not financially feasible now may be possible. Monthly payments can also free up significant capital which can then be used on other ventures or investments.
  • Professionally present multiple premium finance options to your insured with ease
    Having options to present to your clients not appears professional but also creates opportunities to earn more money as you can close more insurance deals.
  • Obtain multiple quotes for your insured with a single submission and avoid duplicate entries
    With the Rate Flex system, you only enter the premium information onces and Rate Flex does the work for you. Rate Flex sends the information to numerous Premium Finance Companies who review the information and send back multiple Premium Finance Quotes. Rate Flex helps you avoid the hassle and time consuming work of entering data into multiple systems.
  • Cloud based system. Nothing to purchase or install
    Rate Flex is a cloud based system thus eliminating the need to purchase expensive hardware or software. It also means you do not have to change the computer system you are currently using. Everything is done via the web based application. Simply visit www.rateflex.ca and log into your account.
  • Safe and secure
    We take security very seriously. Rate Flex is built with security in mind and hosted on secure servers. You can rest assured knowing that the information is secure.
  • Insurance Brokers have 24 hour access
    Once your account is active, you can log in anytime and monitor, change, update, or print out client and financing information.
  • PC and Tablet friendly
    As an Insurance Broker, you are no doubt busy. That is why the Rate Flex system has the capability to be accessed via laptop, computer or even your tablet. Therefore ensuring you are always in reach of valuable information.
  • No charge to sign up and use
    There is no charge for Insurance Brokerages to sign up and use the Rate Flex system.
Rate Flex's Cloud-based system makes it easy Brokers to get multiple Premium Finance Quotes for their clients
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