Rate Flex’s cloud based system makes it quick and easy to enter an insured's information

Quickly and easily enter your insured's pertinent information into the Rate Flex system. Simply select whether it is a commercial or personal account, then create one single or multiple applications. You can create and submit applications for this insured now. Rate Flex’s web based software then takes over and does the rest for you.

Creating an application from an insured's information is simple, safe and quick

To create a new application, simply select an insured and all of their information will automatically populate the required fields. One application can contain multiple policies. You decide what you need and easily add it in. You can void or retract an application at any time prior to accepting a quote right from within the Rate Flex system. For yearly renewals, simply copy the previous application, double check it and resubmit. Rate Flex then goes to work on your behalf.

Submitting an application has never been simpler

Once your application has been created, simply submit it to the Rate Flex system and our cloud software does all the hard work behind the scenes sending your application to numerous PF companies to quote on.

Quickly receive responses from multiple PF companies

Rate Flex automatically receives and displays the financing quotes that are received back from the PF companies. You can select and view the details of each quote.

Professionally show and present the financing options to your insured

Rate Flex’s system generates professional documents that you can show to your insured, making it easy to compare the quotes received. You have ability to choose which quotes that you want to present to the Insured. You can print or email directly from the Rate Flex system. If you choose to email, simply select your insured from the list and all of their details are automatically populated including a standard message which you can choose to customize.

Accept quotes and send closing documents quickly and efficiently

After viewing and presenting the quotes to your insured, accepting them is a breeze. Merely grab the PF companies closing documents from the PF Documents tab, then print, sign, and return the document using the Rate Flex system. To send a signed document click on the browse button and upload directly from your computer then accept the quote and you’re done.

Easily communicate directly with PF companies using Rate Flex messaging

Rate Flex includes built-in messaging that provides direct communication to PF companies and all conversations are grouped to be appication(i.e. application 1099) making it easy to find, search and cross reference notes. This eliminates the need to search through emails or folders looking for the application and the conversation in question.

Built in history and tracking

Who did what and when? All major actions are tracked and logged so that you can find out what was done by whom. You can quickly see when the application was submitted, when the deal closed, and what time it what done.

Save time, and earn more money by closing more deals using the Rate Flex system.
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