Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How does Rate Flex help my insured?
Rate Flex provides Insurance Brokers with premium finance options to present to their insured’s to give them a cost effective way to pay for their insurance premiums.

Why should I use Rate Flex instead of my existing method?
Rate Flex is a simple interface that allows Insurance Brokers to safely and quickly send an application to numerous Premium Finance companies with a single submission. There is no software to purchase or install. Thus saving your time and money.

Does Rate Flex provide me with built-in document management?
Rate Flex has a built in feature to save all your documents received and submitted. You can securely log into the Rate Flex anytime to view and print the documents.

How much does Rate Flex cost?
There is no cost for an Insurance Broker to use the Rate Flex system.

What if I don’t want to have “multiple” quotes to present to my insured?
Just because the technology presents you with “multiple” options from different PF companies does not mean you have to use all of them, you may choose to present the best two to your client,or you may choose the one you feel is best and only present it.

Can Rate Flex withdraw installments directly from my insured's bank account?
No. Rate Flex is not a Premium Financing Company. Rate Flex make it easy to obtain the PF Quotes but all of the financing is between the Insured and PF Company.

Is Rate Flex safe and secure to store my clients’ information?
Our system is completely cloud based and has been developed using the strictest security standards. The information is hosted on our secure servers and is backed up regularly.

Will I have 24 hour access to my account?
Yes, once your account is active you will be able to log in at any time and print, modify, and view client information as well as message the PF companies right from within your account.

Is there mobile access?
While you can log in to the system you cannot fill out forms on a smart phone, you can however on a tablet, or laptop.

Do I need specific software or hardware to use Rate Flex?
No, Rate Flex’s system is completely cloud based, meaning that all you need is your existing computer and Internet connection to take advantage of all of our features. We recommend using Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher with Rate Flex. However, other browsers should work as well.
Rate Flex's Cloud-based system makes it easy Brokers to get multiple Premium Finance Quotes for their clients
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