Rate Flex is the place where Premium Finance companies go to access extensive quoting opportunities. You can choose which types of deals you want to receive and determine where an automated response can be provided or where further internal review is required prior to providing a response.

Rate Flex Benefits:

  • Access increased deal flow. Thousands of quote requests submitted from brokerages across the country.
  • Enhance the exposure and reach of your premium finance company without the expensive burdens of advertising and sales force management.
  • Insurance brokerages submit quote requests for their insureds’ premiums. You review and determine whether and what finance arrangement you’d like to present.
  • Choose what deals you want to review. By region, coverage type, premium, and other filtering variables.
  • Determine what deals to provide automatic responses to.
  • All quotes you provide may be released "subject to".
  • No cost to participate. Minimal costs if financing contract closed.