the rate flex solution

Rate Flex is a cloud based system where Insurance Brokerages go to obtain numerous Premium Finance Quotes for their clients. You can easily submit insurance premium details through Rate Flex's web based application. Shortly after submitting the application, you will receive detailed finance options in a concise and user friendly format to present to your insured’s.

With the Rate Flex system, Insurance Brokers simply input the clients’ information into a web application that is easy to use and Rate Flex takes care of the rest, automatically sending your clients details to numerous Premium Finance companies who in turn send multiple Premium Finance Quotes.

Rate Flex’s system does not require the purchase of hardware or software, nor do you have to switch computer systems. Rate Flex is completely a cloud base system. You may log in to Rate Flex using a laptop, tablet or computer.

Rate Flex eliminates all of the guesswork associated with quoting. It is safe, simple and secure making it an easy choice for Insurance Brokers everywhere.

There is no charge for Insurance Brokers to use Rate Flex and it saves you valuable time and it helps you to close more insurance deals.